January 9,2023

I promised an update on my progress by January 2024.

You know the old saying that when we make plans, God Laughs?

Well, that is what's going on with me. I made my plans, and God had other plans.

On the bright side, my beloved aunt Linda has come to live with us (since December 2023). She is recovering from some health issues and needs some extra time and attention. We are absolutely delighted to have her with us.

We are also celebrating that my husband's mother has gone home to her Heavenly Father this year (2024). She lived a good long life and died peacefully in her sleep with family by her side.

All is well in our household, but my Super Deluxe Grand Opening plans are on hold for the moment.

To be honest, I'm hoping for June of 2024, but it will be God's timing, not mine :-)

Hugs & Affection to everyone reading,


October 25, 2023

Howdy All!

Stuff is happening behind the scenes.

I apologize for the absence of any blog/website stuff.

I switched hosts and now I am rebuilding.

I hope to have much done by the beginning of 2024.

Remember you can try the archived copy of Frugal Abundance at the  Wayback Machine at if there are recipes you're looking for.

I promise an update on my progress by January 2024.

If necessary, you may reach me at 

Maggie at FrugalAbundance dot com

In the above address remove the spaces, then replace at with @ and dot with a period .

This is to keep the spambots from overtaking me.



PS. I'm well, the family is well. All is good in Maggie-Land *big grin*